Poverty or Lack of hard work?

I am starting sense another bad work experience. This week I kept getting my hours cut in half on every scheduled shift. I really should start looking for a job before I become really frustrated with the current one. I was really hoping that I don’t run into troubles with this job. Despite the low wage, I was really interested in this job. It’s because of the flexible hours they have. They are open 24/7 which means I have a lot of options of when I want to work. If My finaid appeal does get rejected I was hoping to find a part time job on campus and do this job in the afternoon or nights or in weekends. I think it’s doable. But the way they are cutting my hours, I am starting to lose my hope of staying at this job at least for the next semester. I don’t know where I am planning wrong this time but everything seems like falling apart again right before I start School! I really don’t want to take out a private loan and I am not even sure if I can take out one given my parents’ and my financial situation. Sometimes I feel really about the fact that I am poor my parents are poor and I have no one to pull me up from the problems. Every time I try to do it by myself, everything just falls apart even before I can start. I don’t know if should blame poverty or my lack of effort on this situation at this time. I don’t think I am not working hard this time but who knows. May be I Can’t see what I am doing wrong.