A visit to Galveston


This was in Galveston, Houston. I visited the island on last september. I sat there for almost three hours. This was the first time in my life that I have been to a beach. It was a nice experience and I plan to go back again.



I know hatred is a strong word to use and I know I should not even complain. I have lost the right to complain a long time ago. But for last few days I am starting to develop this strong sense of hatred toward life as I struggle with my new minimum wage job (it’s another story how I dropped to minimum wage job), wait to hear back about my financial aid appeal, and wonder how I can arrange the money to go back to school. The only thing I can think all the time is that I hate my job that doesn’t pay me enough, hate the wait to know if I will get money to go school, and hate that I ruined everything because I couldn’t handle some minor issues in my life. I am really not sure what else to feel but hatred and anger and disappointment.