another attempt to start fresh…

It’s been a while since I last posted something. I’ve just kind of grown tired of talking about the same situation again and again. The point is nothing new really happened. I took two classes through the university extension and received B+. This gave me the last chance to go back to school again.  I will go back to school full-time from the spring semester 2013. I have also made some changes in my pursuit of getting into medical school. When I go back to school I decided to pursue a compute science degree. The reason behind doing this is the fact that I probably don’t have any chance of getting into medical school after two dismissal. I don’t expect any miracle when I go back to school either. So I just have to do something with which I can live a moderately good life even without pursuing PhD in a science major. In any case I am still not giving up on med school. I will see how this spring semester goes. If I see I have improved and I can actually handle getting mostly A’s in my classes I will finish the biology degree requirement in addition to computer science. Now I just have to wait and see how I do in my spring semester. Hope it all turns out good given the fact that I have been through horrible, horrible situation for last one year. My parents still don’t know about my dismissal and I am still taking on part-time jobs. So it’s been a really really rough ride. I just hope all of this hardship is worth something. I will work harder to do it differently this time.


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