Best live music ever!

Best live music ever!

Last September I went to new Mexico…I have to say there was no place in that state that disappointed me. This picture was taken at Las Cruses. The state’s slogan “land of enchantment” is true to its words. For a while I really forgot all the struggles I was facing.


another attempt to start fresh…

It’s been a while since I last posted something. I’ve just kind of grown tired of talking about the same situation again and again. The point is nothing new really happened. I took two classes through the university extension and received B+. This gave me the last chance to go back to school again.  I will go back to school full-time from the spring semester 2013. I have also made some changes in my pursuit of getting into medical school. When I go back to school I decided to pursue a compute science degree. The reason behind doing this is the fact that I probably don’t have any chance of getting into medical school after two dismissal. I don’t expect any miracle when I go back to school either. So I just have to do something with which I can live a moderately good life even without pursuing PhD in a science major. In any case I am still not giving up on med school. I will see how this spring semester goes. If I see I have improved and I can actually handle getting mostly A’s in my classes I will finish the biology degree requirement in addition to computer science. Now I just have to wait and see how I do in my spring semester. Hope it all turns out good given the fact that I have been through horrible, horrible situation for last one year. My parents still don’t know about my dismissal and I am still taking on part-time jobs. So it’s been a really really rough ride. I just hope all of this hardship is worth something. I will work harder to do it differently this time.