A Series of bad work experieces…

I don’t know if it’s just my super bad luck or my choice of wrong employers that’s giving me this horrible work experience for almost a year now. I have held four jobs in last one year. It all started with the cashier’s position at Wal-Mart pharmacy. When I went for the interview I already had the Pharmacy technician certificate from PTCB. However; I didn’t know that one had to be registered with Texas State Board of Pharmacy to be able to work in Wal-Mart pharmacy in Texas. So they have asked me to start as cashier and register with TSBP to get the license. I was told that as soon as I get the license they will hire me as technician. As a matter of fact, the pharmacist I started to work with would always ask me how long it would take for me to get the license. It took me a little longer than usual time to get the license. By that time the store manager changed because the previous pharmacist was pregnant and she went on maternal leave. So after I received the license I asked the new pharmacist if she would hire me as technician now. Her answer was “oh no I don’t want anymore new technician right now. You can try other Wal-Mart.” I don’t know I was a bit upset. Anyway it was time for me to relocate to start college again. I called the Wal-Mart in the new place but no one was hiring. So I left the job with a bitter feeling. Then I started another job as office assistant. This job I don’t have much to complain since I don’t believe I worked my best. First of all it’s because I thought I would be working in an office instead I would be constantly pulled to work in the serving line of the buffet. I didn’t like that prospect of the job. Another problem was that I wasn’t given the promised hours. As soon as I was done with the assigned works I would be asked to finish the shift. This eventually led me to lots of financial problems. So I started to become bitter with this job too. So there would be times when I knew there wasn’t much to do at work I would call in sick and study instead. However; eventually they started to complain about my sick calls. We had a meeting and after that I tried to be regular at work. But this time I got sick for real. I called in sick and also gave them doctor’s note. Even after that they gave me a written notification saying that I am missing work too much. This kind of made me upset because on our previous meeting the supervisor told me that she would completely understand if it was something serious and obviously she didn’t. So I left the job by the end of the semester. I went home for the winter and found out that I am dismissed for the second time from school. As I talked about it before I decided to come back and try other options to go back to school again. So when I came back I started to look for a full-time job. Eventually I got one as mail room clerk. First month, it was great job experience. But starting second month they would ask me to do lot more than just what was in my job description. Now if it was only something in the mail room I wouldn’t mind. But they started to pulling me everywhere in the company. Whenever or whoever in the company needed assistance they would call me up. So I kind of became like a floater in the company. It was a lot of work and the pay wasn’t good. So I started to not like this job either.  At that time CVS pharmacy called me for an interview. Since I have been trying o work in a pharmacy for a long time and also didn’t like the mail room job; I went ahead for the interview. Before the hiring I told them that I won’t be able to take the job if they can’t give me full-time hours. Interestingly they were okay with it. The guy who hired me told me “yah we can give you full-time hours.” Oh I should say that it was a floater position and I didn’t mind. I just wanted to work in a pharmacy. I needed the experience and I was okay to do a little extra work. The pay wasn’t good but I was okay with that too. I just needed the experience. However; it’s my second month and they already started to give me fewer hours every week. This past week I haven’t worked at all. Right now I am angry because I have to pay my bills and if it continues to be like this I am damned. So I started looking for another job. I talked to few other pharmacies. And hopefully I will be leaving this job too in about fifteen days. Now I really don’t’ know I am just taking everything too seriously or my employers are just fucked up people who doesn’t keep their words. But I have to say I am not happy. And this one other reason I really want to go back to school and get a degree. I hate living on this little over minimum wage jobs.


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