Days after the dismissal…

There’s not much going on in my life and this is probably why not many posts. Well, I have started school again with the University Extension, One classroom course and one online. The classroom English literature course seems relatively flexible and easier than the online sociology course. The online course just has way too many assignments. Hopefully I won’t fall behind. Speaking of truth, I am actually behind right now as I am still juggling between the idea of buying the books for this course and borrowing the old versions from library… As always I am short on money 😦 God knows when this misery will end!! Sometimes this financial problem strongly motivates me to get out of my plan and pursue something else…So far there were only two lectures for the classroom course and I actually liked it. Besides my classes there’s not much happening except my search for a job. Today I spent the whole day in preparation for one interview. You might wonder why whole day? Well, the thing is I don’t have a car. So I had to figure out the bus route for which I spent pretty much an hour and it was a complete failure. Then I called for a taxi, while I am on the taxi I realized that the place is just walking distance from my place. I don’t why in the world Google map was showing me such a complicated route. uggh…And the stupid driver ( I believe, knowingly) took the wrong route just to get extra money…I was so angry I can’t explain. When I am counting every penny to figure how I can buy a book, I had to pay so much money for my stupidity…Even after all these if I had the job I would be happy…In the interview process they asked me to take a test on excel…Ironic is that I took the exact test the day before yesterday and got 100% and today I got 70%!!!anyhow, I didn’t get the job:( I spent almost 3 hours doing paper works in the interview and finally nothing!! So my days are pretty full of these stories nowadays…waking up in the morning freshen up and then sit down to apply for more jobs. In between I eat sometimes and sometimes I forget…I get this same old sensation of not breathing, not being alive…and when it’s time I go to class and I like to listen to the professor…He gives me a break from my miserable life…Needless to say, even when I feel relieved to be in the lecture room, I feel guilty. I wonder why I didn’t work a bit harder before, may be then I wouldn’t be in this situation. Through all these struggles I am coming to a realization that, the second and third options are never easier. Life is much easier if you just work hard from the start.


5 thoughts on “Days after the dismissal…

  1. It’s never too late to right a wrong. Today is the chance to implement the corrections from yesterday’s mistakes. You are on your way to the top! Just believe it, feel it, experience it and generate enough joy to lift you beyond challenges. Feel free to check my blog for a post titled stepping on challenges. Cheers!

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