A Second Dismissal and My decisions…

So I am dismissed for the second time. this is probably the time when I should pack my stuffs and Head toward home. However, I am realizing that my brain started to work like a bad gambler ever since I received the dismissal notification…the more I am losing the more I want to play. That’s what my situation now. On my dismissal notification they have mentioned that I can try taking 6 hours of class through the university extension and try to get B on both. If I can manage that then I will be able apply for readmission for next fall semester. I never planned to leave this university not because I am a huge fan of this place but because I want to prove that I can handle the stress of being lost in a huge school along with all the other problems I am facing in my life. Apparently so far I am very unsuccessful. I wouldn’t say that the thought of giving up didn’t cross my mind but as i said just earlier. I have become a gambler with my life and future.With a second dismissal on my plate I should really transfer to a different school near home but I actually decided to come back and take the 6 hours through university extension. May be because I just don’t want to leave any “if” after I leave this place. I want to know I have exhausted every possible ways before I gave up. Oh! another thing, I am still dreaming of medical school. This whole situation sounds like a joke to me right now. I have also learned I can’t take Chemistry II and Genetics in the University because I have already taken them twice and failed to pass. That’s what makes me sound like an insane person.The fact that I am still hoping to somehow get into a medical school after such a disastrous failure. I am starting to believe that I am becoming a bit insane, just not sure if it’s bad or good. I guess time will tell. So my plan is to take English literature and Sociology through University extension. If I finally manage myself to become more active and get at least B in those two classes then I will take Chemistry and Genetics over the summer at a community college. After all these I am hoping the University will let me come back for next fall. Even though I am telling them now that I will do a sociology major, If I manage to do all the things I just said then I’ll stick with Biology. Why am I trying to do Biology so much? Well, it’s because I never disliked the science courses.I Just happened to have a bad study habit along with a bad timing in my life. So I do want to prove I can do a Science Major. Since my GPA is so low I figured I have to do double major in order to bring my GPA to a level where I can at least apply to medical school. Sociology was always under my consideration for a minor. So I might end up doing a minor or may be a major on this subject. So the plans are written out and it’s time to start working I guess…I wish you all a happy new year(it’s late) and lots of happiness.


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