Life has no mercy

So here I am probably at the end of all my strength(sigh). It’s been 3 weeks that the university has put a financial bar on me. So getting that co-signer for a private loan didn’t really help me. After applying for loan it took me three weeks to know that i need to complete additional papers. I didn’t recieve any emails from the university that they are waiting for me to complete these papers so they can go ahead and give the bank permission to release the loan amount. It’s been one week since i completed all the papers and they still haven’t processed anything. As a result I have a financial bar now! So what are the consequences I am facing for tht bar? Well I couldn’t register for next semester which didn’t bothered me as much as the fact that now i can’t check out any library books! Given my financial situation,i decided to not buy any books. Well i couldn’t afford to buy any. Even though it was hard i managed to spend 2-3 hours everyday in the library to use the reserved books for my courses. Since my laptop also decided to crash right when I am in the midddle of thousands of others problems, i was checking out university laptop every other day to go over the lecture presentations and finish other homeworks. Now that I have a bar,I am also banned from getting a laptop. Now how great a situation this is! I am left with no books,no lecture notes,and no time! These were already enough worries in my head that i was barely walking. My life just wasn’t happy with this many problems. So it decided to add one more. Last week my supervisor just reduced my hours to half!! Now how am I supposed to pay my bills and and rents when i was already sturggling with the hours i had? With so many problems now i can only give up on everything and go back home or fight. Though i am not sure how to fight anymore. It’s been almost one year i am struggling to fix all the mistakes i’ve made and now i am just tired. I just wish god(if he exists) have some mercy on me and give me sunshine…that reminds me of a song…

“Give me some sunshine,
Give me some rain,
Give me another chance,
I wanna grow up once again.”


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