When will it all end???

So I am back to school again this fall. Taking genetics, chemistry 2, gov, and history. Even though i thought i will get a pharm tech job after i get the lisence, I had no luck in this job field. I am applying everyweek to every single position that’s opening up but no luck yet. Very depressing when i think of it. I also dont know why in the world i dared to go back to a school where the tution fee per semester is 5k and my living expense is $900/ month. I only have a job in my university as office assistant which barely gives me any hrs. When i came back to school i was full of enthusiasm.. So much motivated to get going with life, i was ready to do anything. I was ready to take on 2 jobs and full time school. Needless to say, first 2 months i did applied to each and every opening I found around the city. Now after two months i am with only one job barely living. I have always heard from many people that college students live on ramen but i was always fond of cooking. So past 2 years i barely ever tasted ramen. And now for last one week i am living on ramen breakfast to dinner. No matter what it is i am still hanging on to my classes and hw…but with so many worries…not having enough money to pay rent and tution instalment date is knocking at my door and no source of fuding making me go crazy…on top of all these i have to write a 1250 word essay for my history class. I already bombed my first essay exam in this class…uggh..writing is definately the last thing i want to do right now.i just hope i can keep everything together for the semester. As for future plan I am thinking of switching to computer science major. I think it will give me some sort of certainity with a better job security than a bio major. As for med school plan I am becoming more clueless everyday…i will wait another semester to see if i improve any..if not probably ths is it for my medical school dream:(


2 thoughts on “When will it all end???

  1. Hey! I wanted to give you some encouragement…You’re working so hard, and I’m sure it will payoff…just hang in there. I know it’s hard to manage it all when you’re knee-deep in the thickness of life’s difficulties (it’s hard for me too), but don’t give up that med school dream 😦 It’s people like you who deserve to make it to med school. So keep telling yourself that no obstacle will take that dream away from you. And when you finally get there, the achievement will be much, much more satisfying because you had to work so hard for it. I’m wishing good news for you on the job front and on the applications front! All the best.

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