lots of free times and certificates

hey guys I am back again:) so as i’ve said before, I’m not going to school this semester..which means lots of free time..although i was lookign for job but my job searching skill totally disappointed me:( no job so far..so how am i using this vast amount of times i have?? well i was and still kinda busy applying to so many places for jobs..the rest of the time just watch movies, TV shows..totally not a good idea..these TV shows really put me into serious depression..so in my affort to get out and get busy i started looking for MCAT books first. Now that i have pretty much most of the books, just need to buy EK 101 verbal, I will start studying for MCAT as soon as i get back from home..yes! going home for the spring break..while waiting for the MCAT books to arrive, I was looking over the top 200 drugs,pherm law, and some maths..I also got some review books checked out from library which i’ll go over during the spring break and most probably will take the pharm tech exam as soon as i can..I also took the CPR training few days ago:) so yah hopefully another certificate will pile up on my resume..not sure if i will get any job with this, since CPR certificate didn’t get me any interview:( but i’ll keep on trying…may be something great will happen..:)so that’s it, will be back in a week..have a great spring break ya’ll:D


lazy unproductive months of my life….

hey everyone sorry for such a long break after my introduction. I was applying for job everywhere and the rest just spending time on watching movies and dramas which I really should stop….so far I got no job and of course no school as I m on dismissal for one semester. I thought I will be preparing for MCAT on this break, even bought the books! I think I haven’t learned my lesson yet:( everything’s here now I should just start studying but I am not doing that..oh god help me:@ so I have few interviews coming up next week and hopefully I will get a job. this no job situation is making me really hopeless..and of course I can’t ask my parents to give me money so I am in serious trouble…but let’s see how it goes…keep in touch and I will be back soon this time:)