Hello world!

This is probably one of my stupidest idea to write a wide open blog to let the world know about my failures. So before I start whining and complaining I should introduce myself. I mean the least I can to the world. I have always been perusing to be a doctor as long as I remember. I have always been a straight A student and graduated among the tops of my classes. I entered college hoping to do better. But things just went wrong. At this point I on academic dismissal for one semester. A complete disaster. I know many will say it’s insane to pursue the same dream again. I should go look for a different career. But I decided to stick to my old goal. I don’t have any job and my parents don’t know about my dismissal. Now I am Living on my saving..well I am looking for a job hopefully I will find one pretty soon. So why am I opening this blog? Well there are several reasons.

 1 . Keep track of my actions

 2. I want to see where I go 3 years from now.

 3. if I am successful then an inspiration is provided to the future pre-med

 4. if I fail then it will be a pre-med DO NOT guide:).

 anyway it’s mostly personal however I tried to keep a diary which didn’t work out very well. Even though I am reluctant to write a journal on my dairy I see that I don’t forget to update my facebook status. So I realized may be in this age of technology it’s more encouraging if I write it for everyone.